The goal is clear: to meet the destination on time. How we get there, is through one defining principle: practicality. We use all the available routes and means of transportation, while keeping our obligation to be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Transporting a large machine, well packaged from A to B is already a challenge. But what when it is supposed to travel over continents, time zones and several countries from A over B, C, D, E and then back to A? For instance, when we send a machine by air freight, oversees for it to continue via train and truck to three separate trade fairs. Afterwards, it goes to four further trade fairs by ship and land freight. After several weeks, once each destination has been reached to on time, the machine is taken by sea and land freight once again and arrives to its original source a safe and sound – logistics providers call this multi-modal. This is our daily business.


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