air freight

We forward your goods to all major trading venues, worldwide on time, as agreed upon – general cargo, via direct flight, or as complete or partial charter.

Unlimited freedom above the clouds? – Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Everything must move quickly and function properly – there is no time for mistakes. We offer extensive competence, organizational know-how and reliable partners; in Germany and worldwide.

Air freight is our world – consolidation / IATA / complete or partial charter. We are listed with the German Federal Office of Civil Aviation as „regulated agent“, number DE RAC/0188-01/01/13. This is an important prerequisite, for your shipment to be delivered quickly to its destination, in compliance with the existing regulations. Continuous training allows us to develop and adapt our internal processes so that they fit to international standards.

PanTerra Worldwide EXpress is our in-house courier service. Depending on the size of your shipment, we have affordable transportation possibilities to meet your needs.


 Consolidated transportation, direct flights, complete or partial charter 
On Board Courier Service
Scheduled replacement part service with our worldwide partner network
Preparation of all necessary customs documentation, suitable air freight packaging (HAT, IPPC)
Regulated agent listed at the German Federal Office of Civil Aviation


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